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I dance when I'm angry.

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10 December 1986


Fandoms: Generation Kill, White Collar, Football RPS (Germany is my team, always and forever <3), Merlin, Supernatural, American Idol, Harry Potter

Shows I watch but not actively reading/writing in: The Office, Glee, Boston Legal, Chuck, Entourage, Flight of the Conchords, Little Britain, True Blood, CSI, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Justified, Jeeves & Wooster, House


So <-- those are my primary fandoms at the moment. I am very easily influenced, just squee to me about your newest obsession and I'm pretty sure I'll be right there with you.

I write and read mostly slash. I'm into hurt/comfort, whump, schoop, non-con, BDSM. In my fics! I meant in my fics. I'm into all that in fiction. Not RL. Fiction.

So... what do people put in these things anyway? TBH, this is just an excuse to use this very pretty layout you're seeing this on. Which is done by scholarslayouts Oh and I don't have a masterlist, because I'm disorganized. Also, when is a good time to have one of those? When you're a BNF? When you're written more than say 10 fics? If you're writing in more than 3 fandoms? When you start consistently getting more than say 10 comments on each fic? When people are asking for it? Maybe it's one of those, "if you have to ask..."

Also, with those 'friending policy' thingy! Hah, I'm definitely not important enough to have one of those. But if you friend me, I'll probably scratch my head and wonder why and also how you muddled your way here and then friend you back.

If I friended you, it's probably because I thought you are totally awesome/lovely/fascinating and I want to read everything, EVERYTHING you post forever. Except less creepy and stalkerish. I'm not a stalker, really. How can you know that, you ask? Well, you can't really. So you'll just have to take my word on this. Please do not feel obliged to friend back!

Annnyway. My biggest obsession of the moment is Generation Kill. I rarely talk about RL stuff, so it's mostly fic and squeeage. I love reading, so if you wrote something, feel free to pimp it to me. Just leave a comment: "anamie_me, this is my fic. I demand you go read it now and worship it." I probably would. Seriously. Even if it's not in one of the fandoms I'm in.

Ok, toodles!


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